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Monday, 21 April 2014

The source of the Rhosyfelin "orthostat"

At great personal risk, in the cause of science, I climbed up through the gorse bushes this afternoon and took a look at the crag immediately above the 'abandoned orthostat'.  This is how it looks from the other side of the ridge.

Immediately to the left of the highest crag, near the left edge of the photo, you can see the detached blocks which haven't quite got round to crashing down on top of the hard-working archaeologists thus far. But they are a tough lot, and very dedicated to the task in hand -- rumour has it that they will be back in September.  I hope they wear their hard hats............

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TonyH said...

Now we're in what you describe as the 'full interglacial climate' (last post) we could really do with a specifically invented Geological time - lapse video camera, to record the moments when those detached blocks crash down from the crags. You'd need an immense amount of commitment to the cause to capture that moment!