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Friday, 22 November 2013

Hear all about it......

I'm always happy to promote lectures and presentations when they come to my notice.

If you’re hooked on Stonehenge and its landscape this may be just the thing for you. On Thursday 5 December between 1.15pm – 1.55pm Professor Mike Parker Pearson of UCL Institute of Archaeology will be giving a free public lecture as part of UCL’s  Lunch Hour Lecture series .

 The lectures are free and open to everyone on a first-come first-served basis and don’t have to be  pre-booked (you’ll find details of the venue and the lecture below). But don’t despair if you can’t make it to London, you can watch it live online at or after the event on UCL’s YouTube channel

(Alternatively, if you want to hear a rather more balanced account of the state of play, and if you are a member of the Carmarthen Probus Club,  you can come along and listen to me talking about "Stonehenge, Pembrokeshire and the Ice Age" at 10.30 am on the same day....!!   Not too keen on these morning talks myself, but I do at least get a free pub lunch afterwards.....)


chris johnson said...

Isn't MPP scheduled tomorrow in Pembrokeshire for a lecture. Is anybody going?

Jon Morris said...

Prof P seems to be just a couple of stops down the tube: Might go along if I can. Unfortunately, Carmarthen Probus Club is too far Brian!

Unknown said...

I need to correct this rubbish Brian....
What is unmatched is the concentration of solstice sunrise/sunset aligned monuments in the Stonehenge environs, including Durrington Walls’ Avenue and its Northern Circle and Southern Circle, as well as Woodhenge and Coneybury henge.

That must be why Woodhenge has only one solstice alignment and six moon alignments. – Durrington’s Southern Circle has six moon alignments, with only one solstice. -
From Stonehenge and overlooking all…the Coneybury henge is aligned on the minor moon - A Thom - and is itself aligned on the minor moon.

It’s the concentration of moon alignments that is unmatched, Brian, not the sun.

Tom Flowers - no relation to reverend Flowers