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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Richard Bevins to talk at Aberystwyth

In case anybody in the Aberystwyth area is interested:

Talk: 'Geological evidence for the origins of the Stonehenge Bluestones'
The inaugural event for the West Wales Geological Society will be presented by Dr Richard Bevins, Keeper of Geology at the National Museum of Wales.

'Richard, in partnership with Dr Rob Ixer (University of Leicester) and Dr Nick Pearce (Aberystwyth University) have been working on the rhyolite component of the Bluestones which leads them to believe it is of Welsh origin'.

Event Details
•    Date: 9th February 2012
•    Time: 1900
•    Cost: Members - Free. Non-members - £1.00
•    Location: Room A6, Llandinam Building, Aberystwyth University.
•    Parking: Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Whilst it is not necessary to register for this event, it would be useful for the society to anticipate numbers. Therefore, to register, use this link and contact the WWGS at


chris johnson said...

I am going to try and make this meeting. It is out-of-the way but I have an aunt in Aberystwyth so maybe I can kill two birds with one stone - not literally of course.

Tony H said...

Very surprising to read here that this is the West Wales Geological Society's inaugural event. Has there not been any similar Society or Body for Geological enthusiasts in West Wales? I know the University at Aberystwyth has a Geography Dept, does it also have a Geology Dept?

Dan Le Heron said...

I plan to be there. No, the Geology department closed in Aber in 2000, unfortunately. So this is an exciting development all round!

Dan Le Heron said...

Hi Tony H.
There was a thriving geology department in Aber, but this closed down in 2000, unfortunately. So, it is exciting to see a rise in enthusiasm via this new society!
Hope to see you there.