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Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Cursus and Spike Jones

Thinking about the Cursus, race horses and chariots etc, I got to thinking about the very narrow line which exists between truth and fantasy, sanity and madness.  Then I recalled what balm is to be had from listening quietly to classical music.  So here, dear friends, is a short and tasteful extract from the William Tell Overture, guaranteed to calm the troubled breast and to spread harmony far and wide:

1 comment:

Tony H said...

This is certainly balm for the soul. As we say in Yorkshire, land of the original Barmy Army that now stretches as far as the England Football National team (with disastrous results), eeh, lad, tha must be barmy!!

Father used to sell Spike Jones to special customers to his shop. (They had to go in a back room, of course, and provide their own brown wrapping paper.)