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Monday, 21 November 2011

Altar Stone location

For those who are not familiar with the plan of Stonehenge, the Altar Stone is the flattish standing stone at the focal point of the bluestone horseshoe -- number 80 on the plan, and nestling beneath the tallest trilithon on the artists recreation.

I'm not saying I accept any of this -- but that is the EH version..........


heavenshenge said...

The image at the top: The perspective that shows the Altar Stone standing vertically. Is that English Heritage's version Brian?

It seems odd to draw something for which there's no evidence?

BRIAN JOHN said...

Yes -- that's the EH version, on display on the side of the walkway tunnel from the visitor centre. (They might by now have moved it?) EH has been specialising in drawing things for which there is no evidence, for many years..... so don't be too surprised!! They exist, after all, to flag up the English prehistoric (and historic) heritage in as spectacular a fashion as possible, so as to maximise impact. And they have never been keen to let the truth get in the way of a good story. So the good story (for example, involving the heroic stone collecting expeditions) wins every time.

heavenshenge said...

It does seem a bit daft to draw something which would have required what, or whoever, made it fall down to have also lifted, and transported, it seven feet or so laterally relative to its foundation position.

Ah well, it's a nice picture even if it contains a fairly large dollop of artistic licence.