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Thursday, 11 November 2021

Credulous presentations on pseudoscience


In another context, Trevor Donovan put this on Facebook, and it has been zooming around the place this morning.  It was about America when Carl Sagan wrote it in 1995; but now it's about the UK as well.  He talks about dumbing down, the decline of critical faculties, the loss of the ability to knowledgeably question "experts" and those who pretend that they tell us the truth, sound bites and attention deficit.  

It all makes one feel distinctly uncomfortable, when we look at the manner in which the "findings" of MPP and his colleagues are presented to the world, and the extraordinary gullibility of those who take their fantasies on board and treat them as "astonishing discoveries".

1 comment:

Tony Hinchliffe said...

Prescient indeed! Let's hope the human race will show more patience with both itself and with the need for the individual to calmly and carefully process information it first discerns as worthy of consideration and not nonsense.