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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Images Restored!

This may be of interest to other Blogger users.  For some reason which I still cannot fathom (and neither can all the Blogger experts) some of my images disappeared from this blog -- on my computer at least.  Very strange -- because other users of the blog could apparently see all the images as they were originally posted.

I could not work out whether this was a Blogger or Google issue, or something to do with my computer's installed web protection / security software, or something to do with BT's web protect software which users can switch on or off. (I have had problems with the latter before, since it apparently does not like the Weebly web design site......)

At last, after much helpful advice on one of those chat pages from assorted whizzo people, I discovered that all images used on a blog are not necessarily stored on my computer, but by Blogger itself (in other words Google) in a number of Albums or picture galleries which take a bit of finding.  If you hover with the cursor over an image you can see where it is located -- and in my case I discovered that Blogger has four image collections labelled as,,,  Images seem to get allocated more or less at random into one or other of those collections.  For some reason the last of those was the one giving the trouble, and I thought at first that BT was blocking it because of some security / authentication issue.

I was about to complain to BT when somebody mentioned that the images should show up on my blog so long as they exist on my own computer -- and in a flash of inspiration I realised that all the missing images must have been imported straight from one web site to another.  In other words, they had been dragged from one web page and inserted directly into a blog post, without first being stored in iPhoto or somewhere else on my computer.

Then I realised that there is a download facility on each of the Blogger albums.  Bingo!  I downloaded each of them and unzipped the downloads on my desktop, and once was safely installed on my computer, all the missing images reappeared.

So there we are then.......  the message is that if you are working on a blog, and want to use some images in it, make sure you use images from your own computer, and not images just dragged from another web site.......

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