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Monday, 19 December 2016

Brecon Beacons glacier breeding ground

Couldn't resist adding this one too -- it shows the locations along the lee flank of the Brecon Beacons main ridge, and the shady conditions in which little glaciers must have developed, over and again, during the Quaternary.  The lake in the distance is Llyn y Fan Fach -- which was the location for a beautiful small cirque glacier.  These armchair-shaped  hollows were not quite so well developed elsewhere -- but we can see where snowfields have accumulated in the shady areas.  Some of these will probably have been thick and persistent enough to have given rise to niche glaciers.  At the peak of the main glacial episodes this whole landscape will have been submerged beneath the ice of the Welsh ice cap.

A Toby Driver image, reproduced on the RCAHMW web site.

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