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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Change of Title

 A fantastic photo of Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher, from the Glaciers Online web site. 
(Nothing to do with Stonehenge)

Dear All

Please note that I have changed the title of the blog, to more accurately reflect what it is all about.  I have been thinking for some time that "Stonehenge Thoughts" was not really a very good title for the blog, given that some of the comments published on the site are not very thoughtful at all (!!), and that every blog in the world involves somebody or other thinking and then blabbing on about something or other which might be of marginal interest to the great mass of humanity.

I've also noticed that it is the Ice Age dimension that makes this blog quite attractive to many students of Stonehenge, and which makes it stand out from many other web sites and blogs about that old ruin.  So that might as well be reflected in the title.  The URL for the site will of course remain unchanged.

Finally, when I analyse Google searches, I see that many of those who come to the site are coming to look at things which appear on Google images -- relating to glaciers, moraines, surges, ice sheets and ice caps, Pleistocene chronology, Greenland and Antarctica.  In other words, they are looking for information about glaciers and the Ice Age, and not specifically about Stonehenge.  So there must be a lot of Earth Science students out there, who are using my site as an information resource.  That's great -- and again it confirms that a name change is a good idea.

So there we are then.. hope you all approve...



Constantinos Ragazas said...


I like it! Closer to the truth!


TonyH said...

Good idea. It is, after all, where your primary expertise lies. And if it gets geomorphologists and earth scientists (and students of the aforesaid) thinking about this usually - bypassed topic, it will be all to the good. And we may end up with a more intelligent exchange of views with the archaeologists taking place as a consequence of this.

chris johnson said...

Speaking personally I like the forum, especially when you discuss prescelli, also the legends and folklore. I am learning about the ice times too. Good luck with the new name.

Constantinos Ragazas said...


When the truth of Stonehenge finally emerges sometime in the future, all the 'learned archeologists' and their bountiful annals will be forgotten! Rather, people will be turning to 'Stonehenge and the Ice Age' for traces of the real story.