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Friday, 24 August 2012

Tabular berg, Nordvestfjord

One of my favourite photos from the old days --- a tabular berg, probably from Daugaard Jensens Gletscher -- the big outlet glacier at the head of Nordvestfjord.  This photo was taken while we were kayaking on the fjord in August 1962.  Tabular bergs of this size are not all that common in the East Greenland fjords, since the glacier front generally breaks up in smaller chunks rather than in big slabs.

This berg is quite badly degraded already -- maybe it has been moving about in the fjord for decades if not centuries.  The sides are well worn, and there are many pinnacles and old meltwater tunnels exposed.  Eventually, the current will take bergs like this out into Hall Bredning and Scoresby Sund -- some of them may even make it out into the open sea off the East Greenland coast.

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