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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Communications problems

Sorry all -- our phone has been out of action for a week, and in spite of innumerable complaints from us and many of our family and friends it still isn't fixed.  Broadband comes and goes for a few minutes at a time -- and when it does come on (as this afternoon) there is a flood of 50 or 60 messages!  Please forgive me if I have missed any messages from anybody -- unintentional, I assure you....  also, I will try to pick up the threads and the arguments when things settle down again.  A very nice young lady in India assures me that it will be fixed this very day.  Hmmm......

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chris johnson said...

Sorry to hear of your problems. Had a lot of problems with bt myself in Pembrokeshire: broken promises, wrong information, and a basic arrogant attitude that eventually caused me to cancel my order. Hopefully you have an alternative provider.