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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Glacial limits and ice streams in Wales

 Map of glacial limits for the Devensian in Wales, assembled by the Geological Survey from many sources, and further modified since.  The map also shows the contacts between Welsh ice and Irish Sea ice,  ice drainage channels, major glaciers and ice streams, and some features on the ground.

The arrows for Irish Sea Glacier movements are very generalised.  Some of them refer to the Devensian glacial episode, and some to the Anglian.  Almost all of the limits shown on this map are subject to further debate and correction.  But we are getting there.....

The Devensian ice limit in Pembrokeshire is mine  -- other published lines are demonstrably wrong, since they do not accord with the field evidence.

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1 comment:

Tony H said...

Good clear illustration of Wales in the Devensian, with your amendments for Pembrokeshire. Thanks.