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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Blogspot options

 This is the Blogger Flipcard option as it appears on the screen.

Just a reminder that you can look at this blog by using a number of options invented by Blogspot.  I prefer the  "magazine" option -- in that you can scan back through all the old posts and pick out any that interest you on the basis of the illustrations used, or the headings.

Mosaic is a funny one too -- it simply gives you a very dense montage of all the illustrations used -- you can click on any illustration to read the full post associated with it. Snapshot mode does something similar.

Note -- this blog is now so big that unless you have lightning fast broadband, it will take some time for the whole history of the site to load onto your computer......

The quickest way of scanning through old posts is to use Flipcard, which gives you a large number of thumbnails per page.  Again, if you click on any one of the images, the relevant page and entry will be displayed.

1 comment:

Timothy Daw said...

Wow - I didn't know that they did that. Just tried it on my site as well. Thanks