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Saturday 17 December 2011

The Times pronounces on the bluestones

Craig Rhosyfelin, where the "precise quarry source" for the Stonehenge bluestones has been found, according to somebody who presumably knows about these things.  So there we are then......

A little bird told me that there was an article in The Times today in which the glacial transport theory is definitively rejected on the basis of new geological evidence from a "precise quarry source"  -- and that presumably means Craig Rhosyfelin.  All I can find on the Times web site is what I have pasted below -- apparently it is in the Court and Social part of the Newspaper.... ??!!!  Interesting, to say the least -- so this will be very scientific, then.

The Times wants to charge me for seeing the article in full, and I am disinclined to pay.  If anybody has seen it, I'll be very interested to hear more....

 Bluestones theory is now frozen out

Norman Hammond
...long-running debate about the origin of the Stonehenge “bluestones” and how they got to...precise quarry source for much of the Stonehenge rock has been pinned down to a few...motivation and precise route employed. Stonehenge’s “bluestones” are not the...

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