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Sunday 11 December 2011

Stonehenge "Light Art"

Some fantastic photos have been published on Marc Bowyer-Briggs's web site.  He is a professional photographer who was given permission for a very brief visit -- and there's a nice portfolio on the web of some of his artistic creations.  Enjoy!


Jon Morris said...

Some great photographs these. Is it impossible that the monument itself could have been used to create effects?

My blog shows an unusual set of utilitarian coincidences connecting the use of light to Stonehenge; I'd be very grateful for any logical reason why a utilitarian raison d'etre is impossible.



Bob said...


Would everyone be 'stoned' at this rave?


Jon Morris said...

If the coincidences are more than just coincidence, there would be some sort of major celebration approximately two to three days after Winter Solstice: The logic of the reasoning behind this is connected to the possible raison d'ĂȘtre of the other monument groups (a job for me to write up, time willing, next year)

All the best Robert


Anonymous said...

a shame about the horrid light pollution on the clouds.
I prefer a more natural look,

BRIAN JOHN said...

Fantastic pic, Pete! Very impressive....

Jon Morris said...

That is a great pic. To get a polar rotation, you have to aim the camera at an angle to horizontal of 51.2 degrees, pointing North: Maybe the wide angle lens makes it look as if the angle is more than that?

Jon Morris said...

More of a personal note: Brian, if you haven't looked, I'd be interested in your views on some odd coincidences that we found while researching a renewable energy project:

Jon Morris said...

If of interest, things seem to be moving along a bit:

Pete did a great photo here:

Showing exact where you would need to look up from stones 53&54 (the stones to the left) if you wanted to point at the North Star.