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Monday 19 December 2011

Now the Daily Mail joins the fun.....

The Times "exclusive" published the other day has now turned into a feeding frenzy, with all of the media getting in on the act. I wonder what the press release from the National Museum and Leicester Univ actually said? Anyway, another article, this time from the Daily Mail -- and another rubbish headline. Why can't reporters and sub-editors try to develop at least some respect for the truth?   In the quote below Richard Bevins does at least acknowledge that there is a "glacial transport" theory out there, but why he keeps on referring to a "Nevern Estuary" human transport route as a possibility is beyond me, unless maybe he is just saying what the archaeologists want to hear.....

Stonehenge riddle unravels: Geologists pinpoint exact Welsh outcrop where 'Bluestones' came from

Quote:  "Dr Bevins explains that his finding could help explain the method used to take the stones to Stonehenge and the reason, because the site is small enough for archaeologists to excavate to try and uncover evidence of human activity.
He said: ‘It has been argued that humans transported the spotted dolerites from the high ground of Mynydd Preseli down to the coast at Milford Haven and then rafted them up the Bristol Channel and up the River Avon to the Stonehenge area.
‘However, the outcome of our research questions that route, as it is unlikely that they would have transported the Pont Saeson stones up slope and over Mynydd Preseli to Milford Haven.
‘If humans were responsible then an alternative route might need to be considered. However, some believe that the stones were transported by the actions of glacier sheets during the last glaciation and so the Pont Season discovery will need appraising in the context of this hypothesis.’

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