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Friday, 14 October 2011

The Stonehenge architect? Hobgoblin is not convinced.....

I just came across my friend Hobgoblin's commentary on the latest Wainwright / Darvill dig up on Preseli -- the one in which they claim to have found a ceremonial structure beneath a Neolithic burial mound, thereby indicating -- by some feat of mental gymnastics - that the architect of Stonehenge might be buried there.  He calls the suggestion "a leap of faith over the cliff of credibility" -- a nice phrase!

The Hobgoblin piece also included this seriously scary picture of somebody in the process of being healed by a lump of bluestone.  I hope he felt better after the picture was taken.

The Architect of Stonehenge?

Talking of this latest discovery in Preseli, Wainwright said: "The important thing is that we have a ceremonial monument here that is earlier than the passage grave. We have obviously got a very important person who may have been responsible for the impetus for these stones to be transported."

"It can be compared directly with the first Stonehenge, so for the first time we have a direct link between Carn Menyn - where the bluestones came from - and Stonehenge, in the form of this ceremonial monument."

However, he admitted it was a "jump" to claim the person buried there was an architect of Stonehenge. "It's a hypothesis but it could well be true. There is certainly something very significant about the grave."

A “jump” is rather an understatement to say the least Geoff. Seems more like a leap of faith over the cliff of credibility. We cannot assume a burial found in Preseli has anything to do with Stonehenge just because it has bluestones set in a pair. Further, a ditch and bank arrangement around a burial chamber does not necessarily signify a henge monument.

(The Ancient Art of Enchanting the Landscape --Earth Myths and Megalithic Magic)


Russell Grant said...

Is the recipient of the self- healing in the picture using Creative Visualisation to transmogrify into "Salvador Dali With Bluestone Moustache"? - or is he basically just being pretentious?

Tony H said...

If, as Geoff Wainwright says in quotes:

" We have obviously got a very important person who may have been responsible for the IMPETUS for these stones to be transported"

- does this mean, perchance, that the 'obvious V.I.P.' had shamanic Merlin-like skills in levitation and teleportation (rather like Neil Oliver's skills with eyebrow-lifting)? In which case, it may be over now to Paul Devereaux, whose New Age notions are these days a part of the Wainwright/ Darvill S.P.A.C.E.S. alternative view on reality.

BRIAN JOHN said...

I know exactly who it is in the photo, but I couldn't possible comment!

Anonymous said...

Is he a chip off the old block, or does he just have bluestone in his
D.N.A.? That would explain a lot.