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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Neolithic welly boot removal device?

In seeking to understand the weird and wonderful activities of our neolithic ancestors, I've been giving further thought to that pair of sweet little standing stones that are supposed by Prof GW to provide a link between Carn Meini and Stonehenge. 

They are so small that they cannot have been of much use to anybody for anything -- unless, that is, they were used by our ancestors for taking off their welly boots before entering their sacred circle or chamber and undertaking their ritual activities in their bare feet.  (Exactly the same thing happens with those who enter mosques today -- indeed I am more than a little surprised that our two professors have not concluded, on this basis, that there was a strong cultural link between Carn Meini and Mecca.  But let that pass.......)

Above is a picture of a modern welly boot removal device.  Put this upright in the ground, and the similarity with the "welly boot stones" at Carn Meini is remarkable. 

Remember, folks -- you read it here first!


Tony H said...

Well, we're all agreed we have obviously got a very important person here, perhaps the architect of the sketch plans for Somewhere Else To the South East.
If only we could find his bones and extract his DNA..........perhaps we might be able to find a familial link with Arthur (and there's a tremendous Christian name!) Wellesley, who went on to become the 1st Duke of Wellington.

Anonymous said...

Love a duck!


BRIAN JOHN said...

Yes, I saw that thing about the stone ducks, Pete. I am rapidly losing the ability to separate out the facts from the fictions of this world, let alone the practical jokes.....

BRIAN JOHN said...

Does this prove that RJL was right all along, and that the whole world was flooded, and that ducks were objects of great veneration?

Tony H said...

Absolutely! I've just ventured onto RJL's blogsite for the first time ever, and I'm an instant convert!! To think I could have implied in jest,in a recent comment, that RJL would have had our Mesolithic (or whatever) ancestors bringing their trophy bluestones along a Mesolithic watery M4 route [M in M4 of course standing for 'Mesolithic'].

Tony H said...

Expect we'll hear a great deal about this Vespasian's Camp dig next to Stonehenge that Pete has just told us about, from Dennis Price on his blogsite:-


Dennis has great hopes that a prehistoric settlement will be found within Vespasian's Camp.

The Stonehenge Enigma said...


I think you all are being just a touch silly!!

Clearly the Stones are a bike rack - congratulations Profs TD and GW, you just found the first use for the wheel.

Consequently, the buried person is either a traffic warden or the cyclist who was waiting for the train to Stonehenge?