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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ancient wisdom from Monty Python


T Hinchliffe said...

Michael Palin as the dodgy estate agent (but aren't they all?) is very convincing, as is the historical scenario. Michael follows in a long line of Sheffield-based fans of Stonehenge, preceded by me, and followed by someone called Mike Parker Pearson, who has recently got quite caught up with it all.

Alex Gee said...

MPP is not the messiah, just a very naughty boy?:)

T Hinchliffe said... you can see, Alex, he's been a very naughty boy since quite a young age, judging from the photo of him that appears in "If Only Stones Could Speak" (on a trip there with his parents as a child).

Tony H said...

One day MP's joke will pale in-to
insignificance, like one of his other contributions, "the Life Of Brian", which never ONCE mentioned or featured you, BJ.

And I hate to say that about a fellow Sheffielder and Sheffield Wednesdayite. Sorry, Michael, but Michael Vaughan rates higher.