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Saturday, 14 May 2011

More evidence for lost civilization in Cardigan Bay?

 No sooner had I posted up than nice picture of the Parrog, Newport, than I came across this other "photo" taken a short distance away, just outside the mouth of the estuary.  Bearing in mind that there might have been a bit of Photoshopping involved, and bearing in mind that this was probably originally published on April 1st 2006, here it is, to brighten up our day.  As ever, there is a grain of truth in this splendid tale -- sea-level in Cardigan Bay WAS much lower 11,000 years ago than it is today, and people did indeed live and die on the extensive lowlands now covered by the sea.  Maybe we can refer to this lost land as Cantre'r Gwaelod, and maybe as Atlantis.......

This is from the Atlantis Atchives, 2006:

Atlantis washes up at Newport Parrog
By Alistair Langston on August 4, 2006

Residents of Newport received something of a surprise this afternoon, as the lost city of Atlantis washed up at the Parrog.

The city, believed by many to exist only in fables, was taken by the ocean over 11,000 years ago.

Local potter Emrys Daniels was the first to spot the long-dead settlement at quarter past one this afternoon, whilst walking his dog Baxter.

“Baxter started barking,” explained Emrys; “So I assumed he had spotted a squirrel or a rabbit. The last thing I was expecting to see was an ancient socialist utopia!”

The earliest historical references to Atlantis are to be found in the works of the classical Greek philosopher, Plato.

“To be honest, most people thought that Atlantis was a literary construct,” said local historian, Maureen Tweed; “Myself included. But the proof of its existence is right there, as plain as the nose on your face.”

“This incredible discovery now lends credence to the claim that much of the west of Europe and Africa was conquered by the Atlantians thousands upon thousands of years ago. It is very exciting.”

A full examination of the city will be conducted by subaquatic archaeologists over the course of the next few months. According to project co-ordinator and head frogman Edward Vessel : “It is occurrences like this that really make our job worthwhile. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see something like this in my lifetime.

“It is like something out of a film. Like an Indiana Jones movie. Only underwater. Like ‘The Abyss’. Or ’20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’. Or something like that. I don’t really know. I don’t watch movies, to be honest.”


*Atlantis Archives believe that this one may have been due to be published around 1st April and for one reason or another got a little delayed. However, it should be noted that this is not the first time, and we expect it won’t be the last, that the country of Wales makes a claim to being the lost island of Atlantis.


Anonymous said...

My Atlantis would undoubtedly contain historian Bettany Hughes, even if she is not actually Welsh. Have there been any sightings of her from The Parrog at Newport? Let me know, and I'll be down there like a shot.

BRIAN JOHN said...

To my eternal shame, I hadn't come across her before. is she the Nigella Lawson of Antiquity? I'm sure she must be a very pleasant lady, and if she appears on the Parrog I'll be sure to let the world know via this blog.

Anonymous said...

I'd class her more as the Joan Bakewell of the 21st Century, with the emphasis on class.

Alex Bailey said...

Hi Brian, reading through some of your blogs...fascinating stuff. I am particularly interested in the lost city of cardigan bay, and wondered if you knew of any serious archaeology or finds connected to the legend?

I have started using google earth to map out local stones and any anomalies in local landscape but find very few updated resources for local ancient history.

BRIAN JOHN said...

Alex -- much more info here. If you haven't got a hyperlink, try putting "Cantre'r Gwaelod" into the search box...

BRIAN JOHN said...

Info here: