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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Faroe Islands landscapes

A gallery of extraordinary images from the Faroe Islands.  The islands are essentially a series of elongated ridges partly submerged and -- on the northern and western coasts -- carved up by extreme coastal erosion.  The results are spectacular with many cliffs over 1500 ft high -- but one of the reasons why Faroese landscapes are so impressive is the presence of glacial cirques in abundance at very low altitude.  This is fascinating -- more of which anon........

Cape Enniberg, at the northernmost tip of the Faroe Islands, is 754m high -- reputed to be the highest genuine sea cliff in the world.

Humlum, O., Christiansen, H.H., Svensson, H. & Mortensen, L.E. (1996) Moraine Systems in the Faroe Islands: Glaciological and Climatological Implications. Danish Journal of Geography (Geografisk Tidsskrift), Vol. 96, 21-31.

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There are 154 cirques in the Faroes……..

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Chris-Manawydan said...

Spectacular landscape - somewhat not of this world like. We are just small fish....