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Saturday 20 July 2019

Waun Mawn --the strange art of seeing the invisible and missing the obvious

I have been reviewing the Waun Mawn evidence, and have been struck again by the apparent determination of MPP and his team to see things that aren't there and to miss the things that are.  For a start, they seem determined to ignore the fact that there are outcropping dolerites just a stone's throw from their putative proto-Stonehenge circle of standing stones.  They so badly WANT the stones to have come from somewhere else (namely bluestone quarries) that they apparently refuse even to consider the idea that any stones erected on this site may well just have been picked up locally:

Then we have all the other rather interesting features on Waun Mawn -- all the other standing stones, stone sockets, possible ruined burial sites, ring cairns, deer park enclosure traces, quarrying pits, embankments and so forth.  Not all of them are prehistoric and relevant for the proto-Stonehenge debate, but some of them certainly are ......

And all these features on nearby Banc Llwydlos:

Why is it that thus far the archaeologists appear not even to have noticed any of these features?  Strange, given that they point to a rather interesting cultural complex around Tafarn y Bwlch, Waun Mawn and Banc Llwydlos.  Does it not suit their purpose to emphasise all these other traces of Neolithic / Bronze Age settlement?

Or are the archaeologists so intent on proving the uniqueness of the supposed Waun Mawn circle that all other features in the vicinity have to be ignored?

I admit to being puzzled.......


tonyH said...

Aye........ rather like how those who were ALSO involved in the Stonehenge Riverside Project over many years have made no JOINED - UP mentioning of any Pembrokeshire bluestones, large pieces or small, they excavated. Admittedly, such geological evidence is not easily recognised. But the intrepid Seekers after Truth were rather hidebound by their Human Transport Ruling Hypothesis, weren't they? (still are, too)

It's all covered by Paul Simon's lyrics for "The Boxer", of course.

tonyH said...

Is it a case of wanting to see what one WOULD want to see, but ignoring the rest of the "TREES" [stones], as it were?