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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The old and the new at Stonehenge

Somebody posted this on another Stonehenge blog site, showing what good company I keep in the Stonehenge Visitor Centre.  A batch of the new book is winging its way to Stonehenge as I speak -- so I suppose that for a little while (until old stocks are sold out) the visitors will be able to buy the cheaper old book alongside the more expensive and more up-to-date new one.   You get what you pay for in this world.........

By the way, all credit to EH for selling my books, which might be considered by some to be subversive if not downright disruptive!  Maybe the archaeologists do not speak to the shop staff, who may be rather more concerned with running their operation at a profit than with toeing the party line on interpretations.

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TonyH said...

I look forward to Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Society, at the Wiltshire Museum, Long Street, Devizes, stocking the new edition in the near future. They decided to no longer the previous version as it had become, quote, "out - of - date". Contact Director David Dawson if you'd like them to stock it.