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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Blogger infuriates the bloggers

There is a huge row going on in the blogging community about recent changes made by Blogger / Blogspot by Google, the owner.  I had a few glitsches earlier on, when I could not see incoming comments and received no notifications of them by Email.   I was accused of selecting comments and blocking off those whose comments I did not want to acknowledge, as some will recall.........

I thought the problem had been sorted out, but now the "Email notification" process has been stopped completely, and on the Blogger discussion forum this is by far the biggest cause of anger.  I have complained, as have thousands of other bloggers.  Blogger is not even bothering to respond, which does not do them a lot of good.......

I have a feeling that this is all part of a strategy towards increased "monetisation" by Blogger and Google -- they have "modernised" the way that Blogger works, placing much more emphasis on adverts and the sale of products and services.  Blogger wants every blog to bring with it a revenue stream.  I have steadfastly resisted the pressure to place paid adverts on my site, and will continue to do so.

But in the meantime, apologies to those who want to comment on my posts -- I may or may not see your comments, and they may just get tangled up in the spam which is removed from my mailbox by my preference settings.

We await developments -- at the moment nobody knows whether Blogger will respond to the anger being expressed by most of their blogging clients.

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