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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Preseli: the eastern tors

I rather like this photo, taken a couple of days ago!  Click to enlarge......

Carn Meini (the craggy area at top left) is often described as the most prominent feature of the Preseli skyline,  and this is used as an explanation for its desirability as a sacred site and as a quarrying site.  Actually the prominence of the skyline features is very dependent upon where you are standing.  If you are a Neolithic trader wandering along the "Golden Road" or ridge trackway, on the spine of Mynydd Preseli, Carn Meini is not particularly prominent, and from this viewpoint (on Foel Dyrch) the most prominent of the tors is Carn Gyfrwy -- the one towards top right.

Anyway, whatever the perceived desirability and significance of particular crags might have been, this is a rather wonderful landscape.......

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