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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rhosyfelin -- National Park still peddling myths

 I'm rather intrigued that the Pembs Coast National Park seems to be incapable of doing a simple piece of editing. In spite of abundant correspondence between me and Phil Bennett (the NPA archaeologist) the description of the PDF walk leaflet still has the following text:

"This craggy outcrop of stone lies within a deep secluded valley. It is here that at least one of the famous bluestones were quarried and later taken to Stonehenge – most probably by land on sleds hauled by oxen. The rock outcrop can be viewed from the road or nearby public footpath. Please keep to the public footpath, access to the rock outcop is by permission of the landowner."

I am not amused.  You can find some of my correspondence with Phil by putting his name into the search box.  However, I gain some solace from the fact that Phil is apparently no longer employed by the National Park, but has become an "independent archaeologist".  We wish him well in his new career, and hope that whoever takes over from him in the NPA office shows rather more respect for scientific accuracy than he ever did.

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