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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rhosyfelin Archwilio Record amended

The Archwilio Record  (Dyfed Archaeological Trust) record for Rhosyfelin has been amended.  It's better than it was, but is still not acceptable.  The site description is missing.  It is still flagged up (preferred type) as a Neolithic Quarry -- or is it?  The heading is really rather garbled.

In the text it should say:  ".....the site is interpreted by some as the source for some of the Stonehenge rhyolite."

And the reference to our paper is wrong.  It should be as follows:

Brian John, Dyfed Elis-Gruffydd and John Downes.  2015. OBSERVATIONS ON THE SUPPOSED "NEOLITHIC BLUESTONE QUARRY" AT CRAIG RHOSYFELIN, PEMBROKESHIRE".  Archaeology in Wales 54, pp 139-148.  

And regarding the dating, it should say:
Charcoal fragments are the primary dating evidence for the Mesolithic - Medieval use of Craig Rhosyfelin.

It's a slow job, getting these archaeologists to do their job properly........

Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 106534
Trust : Dyfed
Community : Nevern
NGR : SN11663615
Site Type (preferred type first) : Neolithic Quarry / NOT APPLICABLE Natural feature
Legal Protection :

Summary :
Natural rock outcrop that may have been quarried during the Neolithic. Some of the rhyolite debitage at Stonehenge closely matches that found here; thus the site is interpreted by some as the source for the Stonehenge rhyolite. Charcoal fragments are the primary dating evidence for the Neolithic use of Craig Rhosyfelin. There is ongoing scholarly debate regarding the use of the site as a Neolithic quarry. DAT 2016

Description :

Sources :
Many , 2014 , Correspondence between geologists and K. Murphy
Ixer, R & Bevins, R , 2011 , Craig Rhos-Y-Felin, Pont Saeson is the Dominat Source of the Stonehenge Rhyolitic 'Debitage' , Archaeology in Wales : 50 : 21-32
John, B et. al. , 2014 , Observations on the supposed 'Neolithic Bluestone Quarry' at Craig Rhosyfelin, Pembrokeshire
Coleman-Philips, C , 2015 , New theory casts doubt on Stonehenge bluestone links
Coleman-Philips, C , 2015 , Original Stonehenge 'was built in Preselis'
John, B et. al. , 2015 , Quaternary Events at Craig Rhosyfelin, Pembrokeshire , Quaternary Newsletter : 137 : 16-32
Parker-Pearson, M. et. al , 2015 , Craig Rhos-y-felin: a Welsh bluestone megalith quarry for Stonehenge , Antiquity : 89 : 1331-1352

Events :

Related PRNs :


MoA said...

I do hope the reference mis-spelling in the peerless Ixer and Bevins paper reference is your haste rather than bureaucratic incompetence.

You will live longer when you realise that your view is your view and that only Divine Apollo holds the Truth (pace Kostas we know you do as an earthly avatar of DA.

People are allowed to dismiss your speculation and even your interpretation of the data. They are not allowed to ignore the data and you have presented them.

Nobody I hope dismisses your data we assume that there will be bias (we all live in post-processualist times)but that your recording is honest. We choose to accept other interpretations as you choose other interpretations of MPP et al. This is as it should be.

What is unacceptable (and completely counter-productive) and has been for years, is your personalisation of the 'dispute'. You started in your book with Darvill and Wainwright (see Dr I's review in the ferret club, soon to be made freely available) moved onto MPP and his juggernaut team and have treated others including now Mr Howells unkindly.

Mr Howells has done a difficult job well I believe.


BRIAN JOHN said...

The entry was copied and pasted exactly as is, Myris. I plead innocence! But bear in mind that Welsh place names are spelt in different ways. For example, our famous and controversial site is now most often spelt in official publications like this: Rhosyfelin. No hyphens.

Who is this poor Mr Howells? The only Mr Howells I know in the science world is Sid, for whom I have the highest regard. Sure as eggs is eggs, I have never said an unkind word about Sid.

Have I said unkind words about others? Maybe -- all completely justified, I assure you. Reserved exclusively for people who wilfully ignore everything inconvenient brought to their attention in the process of normal scientific discourse. Counterproductive? That may be your opinion. Time will tell.

TonyH said...

Presumably he means Phil Bennett, formerly of the National Park - see the next Post after this one.

BRIAN JOHN said...

You are probably right, Tony........