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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Winter wonderland

Another quirky ice phenomenon.  This photo, from the BBC web site, shows "mini icicles" adjacent to a road in Herefordshire during the recent cold weather.  What has happened, apparently, is that a puddle on the adjacent road as been driven through by many cars, splashing water droplets onto the hedge and fence at the roadside.  Because of the sub-zero temperatures, these droplets have frozen on contact or shortly thereafter, and this is what has created these icicle formations.  There is a certain amount of randomness, as you might expect, and more of the drops have hit the lower part of this eccentric ice sculpture, with gravity then playing its part as the moisture has run down each icicle, growing some of them to lengths of almost 20 cms.  Hallelujah!  isn't nature wonderful?


Constantinos Ragazas said...

Amazing photo, Brian! Thanks for sharing.


TonyH said...

As Paul Simon said one of his songs, "You Can Call Me Al":

" There were Angels in the architecture.

Helen said...

TonyH -

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I used to work for architects and that quote was always qualified:

"There may be angels in the architecture but the devil's in the details"!

Curious how appropriate it seems in this particular forum!