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Monday, 5 January 2015

A note on Blog Posts

After that glitsch related to my mail programme, all is now functioning as it should.  However, I noticed the other day that a lot of Anonymous messages are still coming in......... please note that such messages go straight into my rubbish bin, without any intervention from me.  I'm aware that some of these messages are bona fide ones, but 99% are spam, sent by automated systems that simply crawl the web for blog sites. 

So if you have anything to say, PLEASE say it, but with a name or pseudonym attached.  Thanks!  And a Happy New Year to all!

1 comment:

TonyH said...

If you get any Comments with the illicit, non bona fide name "Tarzan", you would be morally justified in putting them straight in the bin. It would, of course, merely be Michael Hesseltine trying to DRUM UP (bum bum!!) support for the Tories in this Pre - Election Panic. As you say, 99% are spam!