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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Smoothed face + Plucked face

If you are lost in a fog in the Stockholm Archipelago, you can use the striations to tell you where the north-south line is, and then you can look at the rock faces around you.  The north faces of the undulating landscape are almost always smoothed and polished, as in the top photo, and the south faces are almost always rough and plucked, as in the lower photo.  These pics were taken on the west side of Rodloga Storskar -- just about 100m apart.


Constantinos Ragazas said...


Thanks for the many wonderful photos and lessons on glaciology. Been rather busy debating my GT=HGOB Hypothesis with many thoughtful people in some other blogs. Some good discussions. Hope to see you back blogging again in full force.


chris johnson said...

Nice to learn this, Brian and to be reminded of the Stockholm archipelago which must be beautiful at the moment. I spend much time on Bastuholmen in the past and the rocks you show look very familiar.

Swim a little off-shore and leave a small drift net overnight to catch more fish than you can eat. Whoever said our neolithic ancestors had a subsistence living.... but then they did not (need to) eat fish apparently.