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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Back from the hols

Hello everybody -- just returned safely from 8 weeks in Sweden, having enjoyed a delightful North Sea voyage on the romantically named MV Transpulp.  Hundreds of containers of paper and 4 passengers...... and nothing to waste money on....

Have tried to publish everything I'm aware of -- but apologies if anything has gone astray.  There was a period when I was not able to pick up or send Emails properly.

Will soon be back in the swing of things....


TonyH said...

Shame Sweden's cousins, Norway, coudn't take the European Women's Football trophy from Germany this afternoon in Sweden.

Did you read any pulp fiction whilst aboard MV Transpulp?

Myris of Alexandria said...

Hope your book was not amongst the pulped.
There is nothing quite so chastening as giving a reprint to find it discarded soon after. With books it would be worse although the delight of seeing a rival's book on the remainder shelf is exquisite, better still in a charity shop.
Here amongst the papyri we used only the best pumice for our palimpsests.
Welcome home Ithika awaits.

TonyH said...

Palimpsests, schmalimpsests already! We hope to find plenty of palimpsests this year in the Ancient Landscapes of Bradford-on-Avon project, courtesy of the good ship Lottery Fund.

Myris of Alexandria said...

Oy vey iz mir.
Next year in Jerusalem.
Now that would be a Stonehenge connection.

Is New Zealand as heavily glaciated as the very odd TV series shows.

a quick sentence on recent southern hemisphere glacial activity would be nice.

BRIAN JOHN said...

What TV series is that? Yes, lots of ice in NZ, especially on South island.

Will happily do a brief post on the S Hem glaciers. Watch this space...

Myris of Alexandria said...

Top of the Lake (not an advert I think for Kiwi farmers or Police)
still not as odd TV as Les Revenant.
Also lots of glaciated Mountains.

Yes a southern hemisphere quickie would be good (-back to Top of the Lake I fear.)