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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ice-moulded forms

Another pic from the Stockholm Archipelago.  Classic ice moulded forms, washed bedrock surfaces and a litter of erratics left when the till in which they were embedded was washed away by wave action etc during the emergence of the coast. As Tony knows, I could probably give you a geomorphology lecture on the basis of this photo alone, but maybe not now.......


Myris of Alexandria said...

Oh go on.
Some of us have been burning the midnight oils and sensual perfumes of every kind to continue the debate- but more later.
We have missed you.

TonyH said...

I have recently attended an Anglo-Saxon conference down here in Wiltshire, not that far from where (in Somerset) King Alfred burned the cakes whilst fretting about the latest Viking incursions. What I want to know is: how much did those Vikings know about geomorphology, including erratics and the like, back home? After all, they were SURROUNDED by it - indeed, perhaps, being thus surrounded they became 'erratically' unnerved, and launched their "Viking Blitzkreig A.D. 789-1098* upon our shores as a result of this fear of their own physical surroundings, looking for lebensraum. Am I alone in thinking this?

* book title, published 2013, for those without a nervous disposition.