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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Another MPP book?

Another tome about to appear?  looks like it.....

From Publishers Weekly:

We Will Rock You: PW Talks with Mike Parker Pearson

In Stonehenge: A New Understanding, Mike Parker Pearson, the leader of a groundbreaking archaeological study of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, proposes an exciting new theory of the wonder of the ancient world and its lesser-known neighboring Neolithic sites.


BRIAN JOHN said...

Relax, everybody -- excitement would be premature. Have just discovered that this is the title of the American edition of the book that we know and love........

TonyH said... this is the book I've been encouraging our USA - based correspondant, Kostas, to go out and explore as a strange new U.S. phenomenon, so he may familiarise himself with The Thoughts of the man who gave us all Periglacial Stripes and Smoking Guns. Saves me doing the telling, Kostas! (and, no, I'm not MPP's agent).