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Sunday, 15 July 2012


Bringing together the Stonehenge phenomenon and the recent posts about the work of glaciers, we give you ...... Icehenge!

This is an ice sculpture -- no doubt an ephemeral one -- created on the west coast of Greenland by a local artist.  Each "orthostat" is created by placing cut ice blocks (made of sea ice) one on top of another -- you can see the structures if you look carefully.  There is no reason why there shouldn't be a complete circle of ice pillars like these, and no reason why lintels cannot also be put in place.  It all comes down to motivation, time, money and equipment like heavy lifting gear.  Thick sea ice can easily support a JCB or similar hydraulic lifting gear -- but maybe that would spoil th artistic enterprise.  Sometimes artists can be very concerned that their "concept" is not despoiled by nasty modern gadgets....


Tony H said...

Quite an effort, representative of the population of Iceland, less than 320,000 in 2012.

Anonymous said...


for a more complete one!