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Monday, 23 July 2012

Banned bedtime reading.....

In TD's recent summary of the stone work at Stonehenge I found this reference:

Parker Pearson, M., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Schlee, D., Welham, K., Bevins, R.,
Chan, B., Doonan, R., Pike, A., Ixer, R., & Simmons, E., 2012, The Stones of
Stonehenge Project. Investigations in the Nyfer (Nevern) Valley in 2011. Sheffield:
Department of Archaeology, Sheffield University [Limited circulation printed report]

Can't find it anywhere.  Does anybody have it?  If so, please share.......

This is obviously a field report from the 2011 digs at Craig Rhosyfelin, Carn Goedog and elsewhere -- a summary of which was given in that rather infamous lecture evening in Newport last September.   That received some coverage on this blog, particularly during September 2011.  Just put "Rhosyfelin" into the search box and click.

The draft report may just be an internal document for circulation among the research participants, in which case it may be altered quite dramatically prior to eventual publication.


Tony H said...

No, don't see it anywhere on the Net as yet, but:-

....have traced a whole lot of research, which Tim Darvill has posted on the Net, marked "Draft", and titled

'Research activity in the Stonehenge Landscape 2005-12' [to March 2012]. Timothy Darvill

Stonehenge & Avebury Revised Research Framework

It is obviously very comprehensive, and includes a sub-heading:


If you have difficulty finding it, try putting
- in your Search Engine [it worked with Google]

The full Net ref is:- Resource-Assessment-Update-Tim Darvill

We just took a look at the location of the so-called "Bluestonehenge" henge/dismantled Circle on the edge of Amesbury at West Amesbury over the weekend, hence my Google Search above.

Tony Hinchliffe said...

NOW I see your immediately preceding Post, Brian, seems to be what I'd discovered by "serendipity" yesterday (Sunday), having visited close to so-called "Bluestonehenge" on Saturday with my wife.

Might be worth your trawling through the Sheffield University Arch Dept website at:-

Tony H said...

When you return from your Swedish holiday, Brian, the Required Reading [probably in a darkened room!] will be Chapter 17 of MPP's "Stonehenge: exploring the greatest Stone Age mystery", which is entitled "Origins of the Bluestones". All of us who have already taken a butcher's (though not, as yet, a butcher's knife..) at the Thoughts of Challenging Chairmen Mike and Colin etc, are waiting with bated breath for your Verdict on their whimsies....but some of us can surmise.

Anonymous said...

Let us know when you have got to the page, on Craig Rhosyfelin, where merry Mike explains they had found "the smoking gun", won't you.Smoke may at that point be emanating from your ears.