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Monday, 19 March 2012

The Parker Brothers

I found this charming illustration -- Cunnington and Colt Hoare (the gentlemen) watching the Parker Brothers (the diggers) on Normanton Down.  The drawing probably dates from 1805.


Tony H said...

According to my source, the Heytesbury Parkers were father and son. Don't know whether this became a family tradition that was handed down the Centuries: it would be nice to think that later Parkers worked with 20th Century Archaeologist of repute, MAUD Cunnington (of Woodhenge and Sanctuary fame).

Perhaps military type Sir Mortimer Wheeler had some of his men working for him? Damned fine fellows, I'd wager.

And then, of course, we now have Mike PARKER Pearson!!!

T Hinchliffe said...

The various antiquaries certainly often left a permananent mark upon the barrows around Britain in the 19th Century. Not only did they remove the artefacts from within: they also permanently defaced the outward profile of many barrows. For example, above the so-called Westbury White Horse, within the Iron Age Hill Fort, you can see the damaged silhouette of Neolithic long barrow. This is visible from miles away below the Plain. Shame!

Anonymous said...

That's a very subtle pick-axe one of the Parker men is wielding ever-so delicately, so's to avoid breaking anything delicate. Good for him.