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Monday, 19 March 2012

Gors Fawr Stone Circle

Recently we were talking about Gors Fawr stone circle, on the south side of the Preseli uplands.  this happens to be one of the best photos I have seen -- taken by my son Martin some years ago, and used by me for a book cover! As you can see, the stones are not exactly spectacular -- maybe marginally larger than those of Bedd Arthur.

Excuse all the lettering........ The peak on the left is Foelcwmcerwyn, and below it you can see Cwm Cerwyn, the site of Pembrokeshire's last Pleistocene glacier -- it may have existed in the Younger Dryas cold episode.

1 comment:

chris johnson said...

Nice picture!

I have others of Gors Fawr if you are interested, including the view towards Carn Meini.

My favorite stone in Gors Fawr is the dream stone: a taller megalith some 50m outside the circle towards Carn Meini. And it does work, my brain informs me; although my own subjective experience hardly qualifies as evidence except to me! Any dowser should get a strong reaction.

Your photo shows clearly some green fields close to the rocks. Even today farming is happening nearby. A few hundred yards away to the right of the circle on your photo is an ancient track leading up to the heights with several megaliths embedded. I find it a fascinating place of which very little is known.