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Friday, 18 February 2011

Searching the Blog

With several hundred posts on this blog, and many quite protracted (and generally amiable!) discussions over the last year or so, this is just a reminder that the search facility on the site actually works rather well.  I have covered a vast range of topics, ranging from specifically Stonehenge issues to Bluehenge and the Cursus, to geology and petrology, to sea-level change (isostasy and eustasy), to glacier behaviour, chronology and ice margin positions.......

Thanks to the wonders of Blogger, it's possible to type in almost anything in the search box on the site, and you will get a list of links that are easy to use.  I use it a lot myself, since I have completely forgotten most of what I have posted in the past!

And by the way, another nice thing about Blogger is that you can click on almost any of the illustrations, to bring up an enlarged version.  Some will even enlarge click by click until they almost fill your screen.  Happy browsing!  And comments are always welcome.

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