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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

On with the mad Quarry Hunt?

Now the BBC and assorted other media outlets have also homed in on the Pont Saeson story -- all using identical words, presumably taken from the press release.

What's going on here?  If we look at the words used by RB and MPP, they both seem to be suggesting that what is now needed is a grand Quarry Hunt.  Are we going to find that  taxpayers money is going to be expended on this absurd exercise,  justified only by the assumption that however the stones got from Wales to Stonehenge, and however many sources may now be identified, they MUST have been transported by our heroic Neolithic ancestors?   Sorry, but I have nightmares about blinkered ostriches, disguised as archaeologists, with their heads buried in the sand........

Why, oh why, are archaeologists so completely convinced that the glacial transport of erratics from Wales to Somerset or Wiltshire, during one of the big glaciations, was utterly and incontrovertibly impossible?  Because James Scourse, Chris Green and David Bowen told them it was impossible?  As I have said before, anybody in the field of geomorphology who uses the word "impossible" with respect to something which is eminently possible is asking for trouble.

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