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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Anglian Ice Margin


There is pretty well unanimous agreement among geomorphologists that the line showing the maximum extent of glaciation in Southern England is  more or less as shown in the above maps.  Most of the acknowledged glacial deposits that we know about are enclosed within this line -- but there are erratic occurrences and enigmatic deposits (which might be glacial in origin) outside the line too.  So I think we need to look at an "Anglian Ice Marginal Zone" maybe 60 km wide in which we need to try and establish the nature of the Anglian glacial environment around the peak of that glacial episode.  The crucial counties are Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Wiltshire -- at least for those of us who are interested in unravelling the mysteries of the Stonehenge bluestones.  I'll come to this in my next post.

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