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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Who wrote the script?

Been pondering on who might have written the script for that Hidden Histories programme (or at least, that bit of it which dealt with the Presely / Stonehenge link). I've concluded that it was written by somebody who was not familiar with the Stonehenge literature, or with the debate about the origins and transport of the bluestones. There was such an emphasis on the "ground-breaking" nature of these "exciting revelations" from our friend Wainwright that this must have been written by a publicist or public relations person working for the Royal Commission. Or was the script written by Wainwright himself? I wonder....


PeteG said...

I think its more likely to have been instigated by English Heritage wanting to give Stonehenge a nice make over in time for the Olympics.

"Vist the Stonehenge Healing Temple"
rather than
"Vist a ruined graveyard"


Brian said...

Not sure that EH would have been involved here -- this is Wales, after all! So Cadw and the Royal Commission are the key players -- I suspect that we have some people in both who accord an unnecessary and rather weird degree of respect and even reverence to senior archaeologists who pontificate and who use various methods to ensure that nobody deviates from the "party line" which they have established.

But I agree that EH is now well on the way towards maximising its income from the 2112 Olympics -- and the bluestone saga will of course figure prominently in the marketing campaign.

PeteG said...

there was a lot of nice time lapse film shot at Stonehenge that EH must have allowed them to do..

Brian said...

Yes, that's true -- the Director does his filming, then in putting the programme together he hunts for whatever stock images and footage he can afford, so as to make an attractive package. He probably got some of it from EH -- for a price. Or maybe from Timewatch?