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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Oh dear oh dear........

That programme on BBC2 Wales -- Prof Wainwright talking to Toby Driver, going over all that tired old stuff again. Bluestone quarry at Carn Meini, blue rock, sacred springs, sledges and rafts, and all the rest of it. No questions, no uncertainty -- just pontification. I'm surprised that the Royal Commission allowed itself to be swept up in all that nonsense without demonstrating at least some capacity for critical thought. A lot of what was said was demonstrably untrue -- and the commentary was appallingly reverential and portentious. I'm also surprised that Richard Edwards, who is generally a good and careful film-maker, should have allowed all that Wainwright fantasizing to go out on air without any of it being questioned. Just goes to show how the media just LOVES a wacky story -- and to hell with the truth.

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