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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Support from a geologist

Here is another link, to a recent article by Dr Olwen Williams-Thorpe, which demonstrates considerable scepticism towards the Darvill/Wainwright "healing stones" hypothesis, and supports the idea that the bluestones at Stonehenge are glacial erratics.

Stonehenge - another perspective1
Posted on 07/11/08 by Olwen Williams-Thorpe
Timewatch has always had an interest in new areas of research and in examining topics which inspire debate. Stonehenge in particular prompted lively comments on our Timewatch forum3. Here Dr. Olwen Williams-Thorpe, an archaeological scientist, presents her own perspective on Darvill and Wainwright's theory as explored by the Timewatch Stonehenge4 programme.
The central theme of the program was the hypothesis that Stonehenge was a prehistoric ‘healing’ centre. The perceived power of the site, we were told, was due to the ‘bluestones’, which had been quarried in the Carn Menyn area of Preseli (South Wales), an outcrop chosen because of the special ‘healing’ springs found there.
Unfortunately, this simply does not fit the geological evidence............ (click on the URL to read the rest!)

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