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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Stonehenge Conspiracy

Here is a link to the video on YouTube:

This is the video which summarises some of my ideas -- sorry about the quality, which is too fuzzy for my liking. My key point is that there is a conspiracy, encouraged and maintained by the archaeology establishment, to pretend that the glacial transport idea is deficient in some way, and that it is even discredited. Nothing could be further from the truth -- the theory is alive and well, and is supported by far more evidence than the human transport theory ever was! So the ramshackle old theory about human transport, invented by HH Thomas and then extended and promoted by Richard Atkinson, has become the orthodoxy -- you have to believe it and repeat it, or else! I have always been intrigued by the apparent incapacity of generation after generation of archaeologists to apply critical thought processes to the human transport story, which is after all based upon no facts and a multitude of speculations and assumptions.


Anonymous said...

very intresting!as usual
take care

Ann Carrington-Smith said...

Clearly, Dr. John has found the answer which much of the world has been seeking for many centuries. I applaud his reaserch, hardwork and the video which he has teased us with as a prerequiste to his now published book.
For anyone looking for answers to the Stonehenge enigma, this would be the only logical one.

Tom Flowers said...

Dear Brian
Whilst I do not pretend to know how the bluestones and sarsens got to Stonehenge,I do have a very interesting website that I would like you to visit.
It is
See what you think of it
Tom Flowers