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Thursday 1 February 2024

Penfro Till Formation and the geological time scale

For the greater part of a decade I have been trying to get the "Penfro Till" entry in the BGS Lexicon changed.  After all my representations  to the powers that be, urging them to forget about West Angle and Llandre as "stratotypes", they still haven't done a proper investigation or altered the record.

As for Pencoed as the "type section", that needs examining too, since there is now a distinct possibility that at least part of the much-quoted Quaternary sequence there is Late Devensian in age.

Ah, they probably say over at BGS HQ, the only time scale that matters is the geological one........... and in due course, after careful consideration, something on the record might be corrected.   Maybe.  With a bit of luck......


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