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Friday 8 December 2023

Blogger photo albums


Since Blogger changed the method of storing images last July, it has not been very easy for followers of this blog to browse back through my image collection -- over 8,000 images.  The images are now stored in a different place, and links used in earlier posts may not work any longer.

However, here are the new links to my three Blogger albums:

This is the link to the index site -- but it may only work is used on the host computer:

I'll appreciate feedback on whether these links work as they should.

One change for the worse is that you cannot any longer go straight from the image to the blog post in which it was used.  You have to hover over the image, make a note of the date of the original post, and then go to the blog home page, select the date from the links on the right hand side, and the work your way down until you find the relevant item.  The time at which the blog was posted does not help at all, because it is not GMT or BST -- I think it's probably Eastern USA time, used in the albums even though UK time is used on the blog posts themselves.  Very clunky.........


PS -- sadly, it looks from the feedback as if these links only work for the blog originator.  Obviously this is a Google policy decision to reduce the "user friendliness" of Blogger.  From a marketing point of view it surely makes no sense to restrict the features available on a blog -- but weird and wonderful are the ways of these internet giants.......


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