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Saturday 27 May 2023

The Porthlysgi picrite erratic

This is one of the most famous glacial erratics in Pembrokeshire, close to the cliff edge near Porthlysgi.  Once upon a time it was in a cage, to stop people from collecting chunks of it; then it fell over the cliff edge onto the beach below; and later still it was rescued with the aid of a helicopter and replaced on the clifftop, to the north of the footpath. 

It is reputed to have come from North Wales.  Here is an excellent description of it, on the web:


The boulder is about 30m N of the coast path, at grid ref SM 73199 23361.

Correction:  This Google location point is in the wrong position.  The boulder is further to the west, north of the coast path at grid ref SM 73108 23383


Steve Hooker said...

All too fantastic : -))))

I like the cage. Like a dangerous rock. Come too close and it'll take pieces off you.

Philip Denwood said...

How big is this erratic?

BRIAN JOHN said...

Not very big -- about a metre across, I think. I am planning to go and have a look fairly soon...... I need to have a fresh look at Ogof Golchfa, which is just around the corner......