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Thursday 27 June 2019

What MPP thinks

Thanks to Tony for drawing this to our attention -- it dates from 2013, but it is still interesting as an insight as to what drives our favourite quarryman........

It would have been nice if the interviewers had been capable of critical thought and independent scrutiny, to the extent of asking him about his "evidence" for bluestone quarrying -- but maybe that would have been too much to ask.

Mike Parker Pearson is the Institute of Archaeology’s newly appointed Professor of British Later Prehistory. In this interview he reflects on his experience at the birth of post-processualism, current problems and opportunities in modern archaeology, and the subject for which he is best known: Stonehenge.
Williams, T.J.T. and Koriech, H., 2013. Interview with Mike Parker Pearson. Papers from the Institute of Archaeology, 22, pp.39–47. 

I just love all this stuff about post-processualism........ it goes some way towards explaining why MPP and his colleagues seem to think that evidence is really rather unimportant, and that narratives are all that matter.......


tonyh said...

MPP talks about certain archaeologists who are "silver - backed males" in this interview. He talks also about another one of his heroes, Jared Diamond. This gentleman, coincidentally, is on Desert Island Discs tomorrow,30th June 2019.

As far as we know, Mike has yet to make his appearance on Desert Island Discs. What discs would you choose, Mike? Would they have to be first vetted by English Heritage?

tonyh said...

From the Promo photo, looks like Mike was in a field at Pilton, Glastonbury with his trademark folkie, 'one - finger - in - the - ear' style.