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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Mendip - a grand day out

Many thanks to Alex for a grand day out on Mendip yesterday, in excellent weather.  Bright sunshine and no wind!   I learned a lot, and came to realise that Mendip is quite important in the scheme of things.   More on that anon.  We started with a couple of hours of mulling over maps, diagrams and cave science books.  Then we drove up from Shepton Mallet, over the extensive Mendip plateau to Blagdon and Blagdon Coombe, took a look at strange things near Rickford, on to Burrington Coombe, and then to the western tip of the Mendips proper, near Crook Peak.  More strange things there.  Lots of caves too, although to his credit Alex did not encourage me to explore any of them.......

Alex has a lot of very interesting material that has never been published before -- I am trying to encourage him to write it all down so that it can trigger a proper debate, not just among cavers and cave science researchers, but in the wider community which has an interest in the Quaternary.

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TonyH said...

Family concerns unfortunately forced me to miss this outing with Alex and Brian - looking forward to hearing more about the Mendips and glaciation via the future Posts.