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Saturday 31 March 2018

The strange case of the missing authors

The other day I mentioned the loss of three authors from a publication in the UCL archaeological  "house journal".  An article supposedly written by Parker Pearson, Welham, Richards and Pollard ended up as an online article with only MPP's name attached to it.

The mystery deepens.  I have just come across this on Researchgate:

Lo and behold -- here the article is credited to the four authors again.  There is a different DOI as well.  Does this mean the article is being published in various versions, some with four authors and some with just one?

It's actually not very easy to lose authors like this, and if I had been one of those cast into outer darkness I would not be very amused.  On the other hand, given that the article contains very serious scientific malpractice, maybe JP, KW and CR decided at the last moment that they wanted nothing to do with it?


Gordon said...

The Rev.David Ison,Dean of St. Pauls Cathedral has just compiled a list of 10 buildings that most embody Englands religious heritage on behalf of E.H. Is it an early April fools?

TonyH said...

The sub - title of MPP's offering [with, or without, the other 3 authors] is On The Track of the Bluestones.

This reminds me of a book I read long, long ago titled "On the Track of Unknown Animals". Now I have visions of a curious combination of these books, with MPP disappearing over the top of a long barrow, Yeti - like.